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Greystone Logistics, Inc. is the only publicly traded company (OTCBB: GLGI), focused on the fast-growing plastic segment of the $9.5 billion pallet industry, with its manufacturing facility located in Bettendorf, IA and its Executive offices located in Tulsa, OK. Greystone started as an R&D firm in 2003 and has grown to over $30 million pace in annual revenue since merging into a dormant public shell.


  1. Greystone manufacturers plastic pallets made from recycled plastic
  2. Greystone sells processed recycled plastic resin
  3. Greystone sells, rents and leases plastic pallets

Greystone is a company focused on capturing its market share in the growing market, driven by environmental concerns. The innovative technology of its injection molding equipment, its proprietary blend of recycled petrochemical resins, and its patented pallet designs allow output of high quality pallets at a lower cost than its competitors.

Recycled plastic helps control material costs while reducing environmental waste and provides cost advantages over users of virgin resin. Greystone has become a leading pallet manufacturer in the beer and beverage industry with over four million pallets delivered, and in use, in this industry. Greystone also has a very large market position in the food, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing industries.

In addition to the production of plastic pallets, Greystone presently has in-house grinding capacity of over 200,000 pounds to take low-grade resin and create useable plastic pellets. It has also positioned itself as a leading North American supplier of recycled reprocessed polyethylene resin. Greystone works with a plastic pallet rental program utilizing its tracking software. These secondary markets are contributing significantly to the Greystone’s top line as the demand for recycled plastic products, and the global initiative go to "Green", continues to build.

Greystone Logistics, Inc.’s management, under the leadership of its president Warren Kruger, continues to take an aggressive stand in the manufacturing and marketing of products that are organically or environmentally friendly. These products and services will allow Greystone to continue to benefit from this sustainability trend and continue its growth and market position.


Greystone Logistics, Inc. manufactures plastic pallets for industrial, agricultural, food processing and beverage applications worldwide. Engineered of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), Greystone pallets are strong yet lightweight, corrosion resistant and durable. Because they are completely reusable and virtually maintenance-free, Greystone pallets are more cost-effective and user-friendly than pallets manufactured from wood, metal and cardboard.

From heavy-duty pallets for industrial use, to FDA-approved pallets for food applications, to "one-way" pallets for export use, you will discover that Greystone products offer a unique level of performance, quality and cost-effective advantages unlike any other pallets.


  • GUARANTEED BUY-BACK PROGRAM – Because our pallets are made of 100% recyclable material, we will buy back and recycle your non-serviceable pallets in truckload quantities. It's an environmentally friendly program that also lowers your initial purchase cost
  • BRANDING AND HOT STAMPING – Customized identification options available
  • RFID CAPABILITY – Embedded chip helps locate and identify pallet contents
  • LOGISTICS SUPPORT – Greystone can help manage the pallets used in your deadhead shipments
  • LEASING/FINANCE OPTIONS – Convenient payment and leasing plans available
  • CONSULTATION – Application surveys and technical advice are available upon request


Today, major industries worldwide are recognizing the growing importance of sustainable development and the requirement to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This concept goes well beyond traditional conservation programs of the past to include detailed assessments of the impact a company’s products have on the environment, plus the impact products make throughout the various stages of their life cycles.

Greystone's long and deep commitment to sustainable development is evidenced by the fact that Greystone pallets are made of recycled plastics, and truly represent an environmentally-friendly approach to the fabrication of high strength injection molded products. Under our unique “buy-back” program, pallets that are no longer serviceable can be absorbed into our recycling system, with a portion of the original cost credited to the customer.


Greystone’s rackable pallets feature a picture frame with runners on all four sides for stability, and cruciform reinforced center panels for a 60% coverage to eliminate pressure points when stacking loaded pallets several pallets high, making them ideal for use in warehouse racking systems.

Rackable pallets are widely used in stack loading, closed loop transport, floor storage and automated material handling equipment throughout many warehousing, general material handling, distribution center, and returnable shipping applications. Available in a variety of sizes and types for many applications, Greystone pallets may be fitted with optional non-skid grommets or lips on the pallet top to keep contents from slipping. In addition, they are available with reinforced rods allowing racking capacity of up to 2,800 lbs., static load capacity from 20,000 lbs. to 50,000 lbs. and dynamic load capacity from 5,000 lbs. to 7,000 lbs.


These economical "one way" export pallets meet EU, Canadian and Asian customs requirements. Fully recyclable HDPE plastic, they are easy to clean and do not require fumigation as in the case of wood pallets. They will not increase in weight, harbor pests or sustain water damage, eliminating the expensive risks of refused entry or lengthy customs delays. Fully nestable for space savings, 4-way entry design. Ventilated deck provides excellent air circulation.